Feykro Silon

... before becoming a ghost dragon
RegionAerie of Dragons
MapFeykro Silon Forest

Feykro Silon is a forest that begins in the east between the mountain ranges Tu Naar and Lotlom Vund. Since the time of the Demon Spawn War, this area has been the home of silver dragons and the dwarves of the Khage. The two groups have great respect and friendliness with each other that goes back to when the Khage fought alongside them, battling the demon hordes of Orcus. The silvers were of Bahamut's 2nd Silon Viing and the 6th Silon Viing. While Orcus was pushing west across Aerie of Dragons, these two units of the Nonvul Viing took up patrol and defense of the strategic valley section of the forest where it meets Krent Talaav; another valley long known for conflict. Overall leadership of these two groups fell to a planetar named Munkar Khage. The Khage and the silver dragons of this area and those of Stahdim Goz are descendants of those that lived and fought here in this long ago conflict.

In the Horgon Era's 9th century, the Dominion of Resalth began expanding towards Feykro Silon. To prevent the silver dragons from interfering in their attack on the Khage, a Dragon Lord named Balfroglemis opened a rift to Chaos. For several weeks, the Chaos Malestrom flooded the forest with entropic energy. Sensing the disturbance, weave spiders quickly arrived, beginning the repairs to their Web of Magic. They caught Balfroglemis trying to undo their work, pulling him into the Web where he was torn apart.

While the rift was open, the area awash with entropy, the silver dragons became dazed and confused. They often sat idly on some loan peak, while their dwarven allies were pressed and driven back. They remained out of the battles and the final one at the mountain citadel Thadir. Resalth's legions captured the last great Khage bastion. When the smoke and dust had settled, the invaders gone, the silver dragons stirred from their mindlessness. In a fit of chaos induced rage, six of the largest silver dragons pursued the enemy army, only to be killed by the dragon emperor Resalth and his elite guard of six draco-hydras. The spirits of these dead silvers stilll haunt the forest, guarding the ruins of the Khage. It is said the only things they allow in the valley are beasts of nature, and those of non-evil disposition.

After the March of Resalth (898 HE - 933 HE), the increased hostility of the ghost dragons and the threat of attack from the north, ended up forcing the dozen or so living silver dragons from Feykro Silon. They flew south to the island chain Stahdim Goz. The Khage retreated deeper into the mountains, sealing most of the passages leading to their mountain redoubts behind tons of rock.

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