Deadening Effect

Periodmagic induced

The deadening effect is caused by excessive use of magic in a 50' cubic area. It results in a weakening of the fabric which makes up the Web of Magic. Five percent of all deadening effects are permanent, with not even the mighty weave spiders capable of repairing. This results in the area having a permanent Deadening Effect - Wild Zone, Dead Magic Zone, Zone of Great Magic, Zone of Reduced Magic covering an area of at least one cubic mile.

For the world Bal-Kriav, the greatest number of deadening effects came about in the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203) when the First Khazarkar Empire went out of control with their magic use. The regions Gulimbor and Urizigar were the most affected by the cataclysm so they have the large concentration of them.

Deadening Effects can also produce beneficial effects. The chance is 20% for them to come about with an area becoming either a Zone of Extended Magic or a Zone of Great Magic.

On the farthest eastern edge of Ice Cap is an area called Cubewrack. This area has effects exactly like Deadening Effects, but instead of coming from damaging the Web of Magic, those at Cubewrack come from concentrations of magic pouring off the Cube of Arcane.

These are general rules used to determine when an area becomes subject to the deadening effect. Every mage spell and arcane spell-like power draws on the Web of Magic. Stronger magical powers draw more magical energy and increase the risk of a deadening effect. This chance is called the incident value. When defiler magic is involved, double the incident value.

Incident Value
Spell LevelIncident ValueIncident Value from Arcane Pooling

During each round of spell-casting the Incident Value is cumulated for all spells cast within a 50' cubic area [2,500 cubic feet]. When the incident value reaches 50, the following table is consulted to determine the outcome. At the end of the round, the Incident Value is reset to zero. There is a 2% cumulative chance per round of a weave spider attacking any one in the area that uses magic while they do these repairs.

Results of a Deadening Effect
ChanceType of Deadening Effect
0-45%No effect
46-55%Wild Zone
56-60%Dead Magic Zone
61-70%Zone of Extended Magic
71-80%Zone of Great Magic
81-90%Zone of Reduced Magic

After a deadening effect happens (46% or higher), weave spiders will be in the vicinity, repairing the damages. Depending on the type of deadening effect (see table below), this could take days to weeks.

Types of Deadening Effects
CascadeThe cascade is the worst outcome of the deadening effect. Roll again on the table, adding 25%. The deadening effect covers a 1-4 mile area with varying degrees of changes. If another cascade occurs, then continue consulting the table, cumulating the area of effect, until a non-Cascade effect is produced. In addition to a Deadening Effect, the area may be subject to other dastardly effects; weather patterns may change, living creatures may be mutated, or other bizarre events may befall the area of effect. instantaneous
Wild Zone This area is subject to wild surges for every spell cast. Consult the Tome of Magic or similar source for the effects. The wild zone typically covers a 10d10 x 2' cubic area. 1-4 days
Zone of Extended Magic Magic cast in the area with a duration has it extended 2-8 times normal. The area of effect is 6d6 x 10' cubic area. 3-12 hours
Zone of Great Magic Spell effects are doubled. Spells can exceed the normal maximums, for example a 10d6 fireball cast by a 12th lvl wizard, becomes a 20d6 fireball. The area of effect is 100-1000' cubic area. 1-4 days
Zone of Reduced Magic Spell effects are reduced by half. For example a 10d6 fireball cast by a 12th lvl wizard, becomes a 5d6 fireball. The area of effect is 100-1000' cubic area. 1-4 weeks