Treatise on Trap and Lock Design

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Lukoon's Treatise on Trap and Lock Design is core reading at every thieves guild and freshmen material for those entering engineering and watch crafting. Some of the lock designs in this book, when coupled with Lukoon's Door and Jail Design, are such that they are impervious to magical opening and cannot be re-keyed.

They are costly to make, comprised of rare metals like blutium and mithril for framing, locks and gears and panels of naanabrak making them impervious to arcane and psionic attacks. Even so, when you want to keep a soul safe, we make sure your loved one is protected behind a Lukoon Level 6 Vault Door. You also do not have to worry about an xorn or a vampire rogue sneaking in via gaseous form, for behind this door is a vault in a region everything fears to go, the Weave, the Web of Magic. Its what makes soul storage possible, and don't worry about her guardians, they don't seem to mind these mausoleums floating in their haven.

- sales pitch to a customer at the Soul Storage Depot