Energy Rifts

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Openedvaries by rift

In some areas of the realm, the fabric of the Web of Magic is very weak. These areas allow an arcane spell caster, with the right knowledge, to punch a hole between their location and Chaos. This creates a energy conduit for a particular type of energy.

The Githyanki and the Pyrmidian Ghouls are some of the most knowledgeable races when it comes to using and even making energy rifts. Negative Energy rifts are commonly used to charge a class of energy weapons called Night Howlers, while Positive Energy rifts are used to charge their opposites, the Gith Lances.

Energy Rifts
NameEnergy TypeLocationOwner
Azure DiamondPositiveUtarnHar'kish
Flux DrawChaosMogdĂșlgNeeth-Theen
Pitch PentagonNegativeUtarnNemeflous
Primus OnePositiveInghildCrimson Eye, Inc.
Pyramids of PowerPositive, Negative, othersvariesvaries
Ring of PhalgasPositivePalace of NineParadomea
SleeperPositiveOutpost Prime, Level 17None
Spout of GithPositiveEye of GithHar'kish
Throat of Rib'gitPositiveRib'gitHar'kish
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