Bowkrak Goblins

Bowkrak is a hilly area beginning northeast of the Bileddanul Mountains to the southernmost edge of the much bigger Ugradrath mountain range.

The most unusual feature of Bowkrak are its moss green stones. These stones are scattered in piles, in singles, buried, and along the beds of swamps and waterways. They are by no means normal in this area, having come here in the Demon Spawn War when the demons tried to shift an entire city from an Abyssal world to Bal-Kriav. This bold attempt by the demon lord Ahnuthall, shifting an entire city from one faraway system to another, was a complete disaster.

The rift he opened under the city was discovered too soon by the weave spiders, whereupon they sunk their magic draining mandibles into the rift's edges and begin tearing it apart. This caused the rift to collapse leading to the obliteration of the entire city and nearly all of its denizens.

Arcana recorded a bit on this incident and theorized that some things are just too big to move through a rift. She stated that movement speed through a rift is proportional to mass, with something as large as a city theoretically taking up to a day to get through, while something like a human would take only take half a minute. Bigger things make bigger targets because slow movement causes greater magical vibrations in the Web, which undoubtedly draw the attention of weave spiders fulfilling their task of guarding and maintaining the Web of Magic.

- excerpt from the tome Izrukîn Sa Thir - "Stones of Bowkrak"

Bowkrak's unusual stones don't have any properties outside of being a hard stone. Many were used in the construction of the city Argruxiel; this would seem a large amount, but estimates of the demon city destroyed, its rubble cast across Bowkrak, claim it to have been nearly five times as large as the city's present size.

Bowkrak most populous people are its goblins. They number in the hundreds of thousands, with most being descendants of an army that had once served under Maglubiyet in the Demon Spawn War. This army was nearly wiped out in the bogs of Droonesh when it found itself caught between two demon armies, one serving Demogorgon and the other serving Baphomet. Three armies turned on each other, Maglubiyet's army was caught in the middle, falling first. The demon armies wiped each other out, retreating in the direction they had come. The remnants of Maglubiyet's army remained in the general area, trolls in Droonesh and the goblins taking to Hangath and Bowkrak. The area's goblins are noted for their mastery with missile weapons while mounted on dire wolves. They have heavier calvary units which employ dire cave bears and giant sloths (though not together since one is the prey of the other). These tribes are so powerful that they resisted the efforts of the Orchish Emire to bring them under their wing. When they decide to help the Orchish Empire, they join as mercenary elements.

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