Broken Lands Sorfandien

RegionAzrik, Gulimbor, Ma'Ohari
Area180,000 sq miles
MapBroken Lands Wasteland

Before Karterus's southeast was swept by the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203), this area was Sorfandien, Elven for verdant valley. It was the breadbasket for three powers, the elves of the Melephaeusan Kindom, the Tragarans of the Cal-Thaoun Dynasty and the devout masses of the Niratar Theocracy. These three empires were sited on the edge of this valley, far from the dangers of the Fihrgrell Cap. This latter area, the highest elevation in the valley, is an unnatural glacier, a seal over a rift to an Abyssal world. The runoff from this glaciers, over thousands of years, turned the surrounding valley into a verdant basin streaked with hundreds of streams and ponds.

During the time of the Domination Wars (995 - 1016), unbridled magic-use led to a magical cataclysm that devastated the landscape. Far less frequent today, arcane storms still spill out of temporary holes in the Web of Magic, tearing across the valley, leaving it scarred, cracked and near lifeless. Since the cataclysm, this area has become better known as the Broken Lands.

From the west, the Broken Lands begins along the western flanks of the Kimaris mountains. During the Gulimbor Cataclysm, this area was one of the first to be devastated. Even today, the place is continuously ripped with geological and geothermal activity. Geysers continually spew steaming water several hundred feet into the air, gas vents bellow plumes of toxic smoke, and Snores of Geb frequently rock the area. The wasteland ends 450 miles east at the Nilkhimân river. From the south it begins on the inward slopes of the Kimaris, and around the Fihrgrell Cap, then north 400 miles to the Pharmûn Bay.

The Broken Lands are dotted with many ruins. The most feared of these is the demon ruin Thegildreon.