Malephar Elemental Forge
Typegear crafting

There comes a time when the item plundered from some dungeon or defeated adversary does not meet one's needs. The adventurer must then turn to having it made for them. Below is some information on how this is done. In rare cases, a particular forge is required to make some exotic items. For instance, a Cross of Doom can only be made at the Forge of Kuzrûnn'n. Malephar's elemental forges are known for producing fiery magical weapons and armor.

Making An Item

  • find a material for making the item - see Resources
  • determine the enhancement bonus (+1 to +5). Note that bonuses of the same type do not stack - thus a +3 sword gains nothing from the magic weapon spell.
  • apply any special abilities - they differ by weapon, armor, shield ( see DMG. pg 179-186 ) There are many other special abilities spread across the 3rd edition books.
Example Item Fabrication
Gear+3 blutium full plate of moderate fortification
AC Value+15 (+3 enchantment, +4 natural enchantment from blutium, +8 for full plate)
Cost44,250 gp
Cost Breakdown
full plate-N/A- (using special metal)DMG pg.180 Table 8-4
blutium8,250 gp (1,650 x 5 (blutium cost))Resources
+3 enhancement add plus to moderate fortificationDMG pg.180 Table 8-3
moderate fortification36,000 gpadd the +3 enhancement to the +3 market price modifier for the moderate fortification (DMG pg.180 Table 8-6)
Notable Forges
NameLocationForge Property
Arioch ForgeShoglomphlaw, chaos
Gimir-Zarun ArcaneumBelêth-Kazîrarcane
BuldavileNight Vatsnegative energy
Naraz-Nâru's PalmIrazaggumakgiant slaying, throwing
Cloud ForgeTiamats Perchepic armor and weapons
Dališar CauldronDališarGodforge
Dragon Forges of AspungadAspungadlightning
Forges of Kuzrûnn'nKuzrûnn'nnecrotic
Geledh ArcanumGeledharcane
Gûn Law ForgesGûnlaw
HeadstoneGravestone Gatesdeath, fire, undead bane
Hrodgridi FurnaceImgongrukair, earth
Ice Mist PoolsIce Mist Poolscold
Jolmgar Crater ForgeFjollaugchaos
Jofgried Titan ForgeJofgriedover-sized weapons
Kilns of Gallo-BagdGallo-Bagdceratimus
Malephar Elemental Forges Malepharelemental fire
Mirundân RootMirundânnature, chaos
Nature Forge of BelephríanNelrenaelnature, neutrality
Onaidred's RemainsTholamidcold
Purity ForgePhollûmâlaw, good, demon bane
Silfergaths BileSnowflake Mansecold
Tahaldril VatsNaratyrchaos, evil
Tas'dvr Mout FoundryTas'dvr MoutGodforge
The KilnXI Institutepsionic
TosgerdSvaer Hodgrolffire, epic armor and weapons
Tubedellâm SynapseTubedellâmpsionic
Tyelmantar FurnanceTyelmantarlight fortification
Valefor DeathworksValeforabyssal, necrotic
Yarrokhal EnchantryYarrokhalevil
Witch CauldronIncubusbarding, mounted combat weapons