Hrodgridi Furnace


The Hrodgridi Furnace reaches extreme heat. Anyone using must be immune to fire or have fire resistance 10, otherwise they will take 10 hit points of heat damage per round. The forge's heat comes from an ancient air elemental imprisoned within. This creature was captured by the Knudmid and sentenced to an eternity of imprisonment for all the killings and ravage inflicted upon their people.

The air elemental Azunaere has been trapped in the Hrodgridi Furnace for so long that it considers the furnace and area around it to be its home. Those with reckless or hostile intent towards the forge have had whirlwinds pick them up and fling them for miles into the Sands of Hell or been caught in swirling clouds of hot embers and burning hot air.

The Hrodgridi Furnace has special properties which have been acquired from the elemental trapped inside and from magical saturation in the area. It is a great forge for making items needing air or earth energy types.

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