Tiamats Perch

Tiamats Perch - Hiznaar Goz
RegionAerie of Dragons
MapHiznaar Goz

At 60,000', Tiamats Perch is the highest peak of the Brucrumus continent. Part of the Dragon Wall mountains, Tiamats Perch's upper elevations are perpetually covered in a belt of clouds. Hidden in these clouds are seven floating islands. Each buoyed aloft by earth motes, in the Hoof Front (9245 GE - 9262 GE) they served as Covenant command centers, supply depots, and medical bays. Great citadels of the sky, cold and often windy, they were abandoned with the end of the God Era. Massive places, always moving, they are the lairs of rocs, giant eagles, sometimes dragons, cloud giants, and others liking places high up and out of reach of most. Beyond the ring of floating island bastions is a great forge area named Cloud Forge.

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