Witch Cauldron

Theegan witch at the Witch Cauldron
RegionNorthern Hordelands

Witch Cauldron is a forge area of Incubus. The place has many mundane forges and vats of liquid that serve as the source of enchantment for magic items. At the Witch Forge, Theegan witches use spirit and nature magic to fabricate magic items of minor quality and some legendary ones.

If your seeking the best magic barding, horseshoes, lances, or saddle swords then go to the Witch Cauldron of Incubus. The Theegans are the most skilled riders of the realm, born in the saddle, so they know what it takes to make armor and weapons for both mount and rider.

- Tamil-Razâg, merchant of Helmstar - "Witch Cauldron"

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