In the Creation War, Irazaggumak was a hotly contested valley fought over by the Nawirrûs general Naraz-Nâru and several primordial lords. Each of them were to die by hammer and axe in epic melees that are still told today in mead halls across the Clans and beyond. The hills an forests of this immense valley are littered with ancient fortifications and towers dating to the Dawn Era. The position of some of these bastions are so strategic for controlling passes and movement through areas that they have been rebuilt and maintained by various peoples. Today, the Fargimdal hold sway over most of the surface places, while those below are the abode of critters, beasts, and monsters of Unaraggumak.

Irazaggumak is in the eastern part of Narbuzad. From the north end, it stretches from the fens of Atharag to the waters of lake Celdabrack, along the way dropping two thousand feet in elevation.

Near the southern tip of Irazaggumak are the Khunwrak hills. Where they meet is an open air forge surrounded by a ring of rubble. At the heart of all this is an anvil said to be crafted by Naraz-Nâru. His followers claim that it is a parting gift to mortals when he rose to godhood. Many have tried to remove this anvil called Naraz-Nâru's Palm by both magic and force. When these efforts failed, some took to erecting structures around it - only to see them reduced to rubble by an earthquake or blown asunder by fearsome lighting strokes from a passing storm. These days the forge is protected by zealots pledged to Naraz-Nâru who vow to keep evil from defiling the anvil by using it.

Notable Areas