Tas'dvr Mout Foundry

LocationTas'dvr Mout

Tas'dvr Mout Foundry is a forge area within the fortress Tas'dvr Mout. It is sited beneath a spire of rock called the Foundry Spire.

The most important thing of this foundry is a godforge named the Maze Furnace. A very powerful magical forge, it was captured by Rax on his third tour to the Hells system (1521 - 1530). Serving under Asmodeus, they warred with the abyssal lord Baphomet. In the Battle of Kurdire, Rax's army of devils captured the enemy's castle, looting the Maze Furnance. This consisted of things like an anvil, slack tub, bellows, hammers, fullers, chisels, and an oven. All of this stuff was hauled back to Nessus and turned over to Asmodeus. When Apoxlins Sentence (1485 - 1683) ended, as a gift for Rax's services to him over a period of nearly two centuries, Asmodeus had the forge moved to Tas'dvr Mout.

Notable Things