Mynzuth - Lirgaza

RegionHells Womb

The Mynzuth hills stretch across a vast expanse of Hells Womb. From the south, they begin at the shores of the Foronir river then arc north of Cormindar. In the east, the hills envelop Ghar-Lakh before becoming the foothills of the Dragon Wall. Another branch of the hills go north into Mortoth and then fork east along Dargirth and west past GirĂ¢mar. The other fork of Mynzuth goes north past Scartaris and borders the eastern edges of Gwaeldior. The hills end at Ladneg.

Mynzuth has a vast supply of iron ore. It has more more iron than any other region except Malurn. As a result, the hills are pocked with mines and the resulting industry.

The area's northern tracts are home to numerous hobgoblin and hill giant enclaves. They are all well-armed and armored, sometimes even severing as mercenary forces supported by Surticon. The southern part of these hills are mined by companies out of Paradomea, Council of Bile, and Bathor.

Those who control Mynzuth, dictate the price of iron for a thousand miles in all directions.

- Sarurkane, Syndic of the Council of Nine - "Mynzuth Wealth"

In 1267, the Battle of Mynzuth was fought in these hills. In this battle the Lances of Merioss destroyed the Pitch Bone Legion.

Notable Areas
Notable Resources
  • Iron