RegionLands of Purity, Troll Bogs
MapHlothruk Mountains
Hlothruk is a mountain range spanning the southern reaches of the Lands of Purity and the Troll Bogs. These highlands have long been home to Tungesti, goblins, ogres, and hill giants. The tribes of Hlothruk number in the hundreds, and have raided and warred with each other for thousands of years. When the Tragarans arrived during the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), they became the main focus of raiding. The Farinteens collectively called these tribes the Zog-Nee. The Farinteen Empire stabilized their borders over time, yet still suffered from the occasional large raid.

In the last months before the fall of the Farinteen Empire, thousands of refugees sought refuge in the Hlothruks. They came from Vraga Moltus and other fallen cities across the Lands of Purity. They fled before the Black Tide, corralled towards Hûma-Nar and the coasts. The refugees came in such numbers that they pushed back some barbarian tribes, capturing hills, valleys, and settlements.

After proving our mettle in combat, which is perhaps the best way of impressing these people, we became friends and even allies. We had taken their territory, but they knew it was only temporary, they also liked the idea of us serving as buffer between them and the hordes of undead. We accepted their nature, perhaps even a tradition of raiding and plundering, because it paled in comparison to the fate of those who fell or were captured by the Black Tide.

- Bulda Bathrad, captain of the Home Guard, Second Raven Company - "Storming Hlothruk"

When the Black Tide of Thasmudyan were driven from the Lands of Purity, the refugees returned to their ruined cities, towns, and farms. The Zog-Nee reclaimed their former territories and once again make raids into the lowlands.

One of the most well-known tribes of the area is the Zagul-Tîn. In the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), the werebear army fielded by the Zagul-Tîn proved particularly useful in fighting the undead.

Notable Areas