Gorahrigir - Hiznaar Goz
RegionAerie of Dragons
MapHiznaar Goz

In the Lith-Crillion Era, hundreds of earth giants fled the unrest of Etteir. They crossed three seas to shores of Veysed Vaal. Above this bay, they settled in the rolling hills of Gorahrigir. Splintering along tribal allegiances, during the reign of the Zeymah'kein Empire (600 HE - 1600 HE), they were a nuisance and sometimes a source of mercenaries.

During the last years of the Zeymah'kein, giants, ogres, and goblins reclaimed this area, taking back their holds and laying siege to Okaaz Spiir. After driving out former Zeymah'kein nationalists looking to rebuild their empire, Okaaz Spiir was renamed Irthorn. One legend has it that it was the name of a a war goat sacrificed on the day the city fell. Regardless of validity, Gorahrigir's war goats are massive beasts serving as mounts for earth giants and similarly sized humanoids, the next meal, or a sacrifice to some war god.

Territory of the Kingdom of Oathundor, Gorahrigir is heavily exploited with many mills and forges. Always eager to placate the Nature Protectorates, Oathundor's mercantile interests employ druids in the rejuvenation of land torn by industry. The Temple of Primus, with their trade first mindset, is often blamed and sued for the damages caused by Oathundor's hunger for export resources.

Even with its high industry, Gorahrigir has many places to hide, lairs in hundreds of dead mines and dozens of castle-sized ruins; some dating as far back as the God Era when they were Covenant bulwarks against the demon legions of Orcus.

Notable Areas