RegionAerie of Dragons
MapHiznaar Goz

In the God Era, earth giant colonists left Gorejun, crossed three seas aboard Grimsuvelth Trawlers and landed on the shores of Veysed Vaal. They settled in the rolling hills of Gorahrigir. The giants splintered along tribal allegiances and made little advances in civilization until the rise of Arkhosia.

Gorahrigir is east of Fiit Storn and south of Suf Qahlon. The hills are claimed as territory by Oathundor. There are ogre and hill giant settlements scattered across the area's forested hills. These hills are are dotted with stockades, and entrances to mines and passages leading into Adunamar's dark reaches.

The hills are also home to Arkhosian ruins, serving as lairs of monsters and bandits.

Notable Areas