Dire Bear
RegionNorthern Hordelands

The great forest of Pellangoth is south of the Sournbracks and east of Achamâz. Pellangoth is in the center of Skycius and known for its rugged terrain with tall hills and tangled undergrowth. The temperatures here vary greatly, with the west suffering bone-chilling winds coming down from Sournbrack's peaks and then from the east, dry winds coming from the direction of the Witch Pipe.

Pellangoth is the abode of a earth giants, Theegans, and many tribes of goblins. The goblins live underground in tunnels that probably cross the length and the width of the forest. The goblins are a crafty folk devising all manner of pit traps that fell even the giants. In addition to humanoids, the forest is the abode of giant spiders, giant sloth, carnivorous plants, dire bears, and a host of other beasts. It is not uncommon to encounter a goblin war party mounted on giant spiders or Theegans riding into battle on armored dire bears.

The forest has many types of plants that vary from cold climates ones in the west to those thriving in humid conditions where Pellangoth meets the steaming pools of Cibothrâr. Two of the more dangerous plants of the forest are the hydrogen pods near the wetlands and black lotus near the foothills of the Sournbracks.

There are three large sinkholes and many smaller cavities that descend downward from this forest. The three large holes are fed by large streams that become waterfalls plunging into the Heliotrope Sea.

Notable Resources