Typederived from Primordial

Giant is the primary language of most giant-kind. It is derived from Primordial with one text claiming that Thyrm created Giant as a secret language for communications among his troops. This was in all likelihood done to keep other primordials embroiled in the Creation War from knowing his schemes. Giant remained a secret for almost a 100 years until enough had been learned from those captured or turned to afford a solid translation. In the God Era, it spread because of its simplicity as compared to Primordial.

There are always two ways to say something in Primordial, one for the Primordial Lord, and one for the minion. The complexity and confusion does not end there, because many words have two to five ways to say them, again one way for the Primordial Lords, and the other ways for the minions. Thyrm took one word of each, none from the Primordial Lords usage, and created the Giant language. It is not as elegant and flowing as Primordial combinations of different words, but far easier to pick up for even the dumb.

- Izrapthân, from the Codex of Tongues - "Origin of Giant"