Grimsuvelth Trawler

CategorySailing Ships
BuilderThithak Bathworks, others

Grimsuvelth Trawler is a class of merchant ships made for the large size and weights of giants. They are perhaps the largest class of ocean-going vessels still produced in the realm. Grimsuvelth Trawlers were first built in the Creation War. In this multi-verse spanning conflict, the shipyards of the great port city Etteir constructed these behemoths to ferry giants and great siege engines from the military staging areas of Gorejun to distant theaters of conflict.

The design of a Grimsuvelth Trawler has changed little since the Dawn Era. The ships are nearly perfect. This is because they were designed by a a primordial of great intellect and engineering skill named Grimsuvelth. Books taken from the secretive naval archives of Ivory Asylum claim that their greatest advances in ship design came from the study of Etteir's dry docks and reverse engineering captured Grimsuvelth Trawlers.

Today, these enormous vessels are mainly found in the hill giant empire Oathundor and in the fire giant kingdom Goth-Dyvermoir.

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