Irata Phelgas

LocationIncantrix Vault (Phollûmâ)

In 2612 LE, fanatics of Coeus used this tome, casting its single ritual spell. This opened a rift between the world Bal-Kriav and Dol Vahdin, the home world of their god. Seeking freedom from the slave masters of Varelay, it worked in opening a rift. This rift did not last long. Tipped off, Aperoq, master of Varelay, put in play a counter-operation. This led to a sphere of arcane being shot into the rift, destroying it, and nearly killing Coeus as he personally came to support his flock. In its wake, the rift's destruction left a smoking canyon named Toth Coeus.

Two months after the rift's closing, the Ishtu Irrai forcefully took this tome back to the vaults of Phollûmâ.

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