Gloom Wall

OpenedDawn Era

The Gloom Wall is at the southernmost end of the Hall of Hades. It is an inter-system rift between Bal-Kriav and faraway worlds. It was created in the Dawn Era by the angel Hades as a way to usher souls to the Wells of Afterlife.

The Gloom Wall is a one-way rift for most, yet some with a strong attachment to their past lives are able to come back through, a lost soul, or one staying behind to haunt Bal-Kriav.

The Gloom Wall may be one-way for most, but the spirits that have crossed over from this realm can sometimes come back from the Gray Waste. These weak souls still have an attachment to their old lives and refuse to yield to the glory of Hades' domain. It is the duty of us to shepherd the lost to their next home.

- Hlaventad, of the Caretakers - "The Lost Souls"

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