Indraph Rift

Indraph Rift ... new arrivals
Opened27 Lunar 751

The Indraph Rift is sited in a glacial moraine surrounded by the looming walls of Indraph. The rift was opened when the wizard Igas sacrificed his soul to power up the Glacial Throne. It became a one-way rift between Fimbulwinter and Bal-Kriav. Creatures of the cold like the Thrallrir, frost giants, white puddings, winter wolves, and others have been coming through this gate ever since its opening. Those that have come through, have said they felt an urging on the other side that was like a basic need to survive akin to the need for food or shelter. Once through they joined with others, on the urgings of the Glacial Throne, and then began attacks on those coming out of Glothreth and its very similar rift. This has led to a seemingly never-ending conflict called the Thrones War.

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