Indraph Rift

Indraph Rift ... new arrivals
Opened27 Lunar 751

The Indraph Rift is sited in a glacial moraine surrounded by the looming walls of Indraph. It was created when the wizard Igacin sacrificed his soul to power up an artifact called the Glacial Throne. This opened a one-way rift between the world Fimbulwinter and Bal-Kriav. Creatures of the cold, Thrallrir, frost giants, white puddings, winter wolves, and others have been coming through this gate ever since. Those that have come through, all say they are drawn to the rift, something hard to rift, with it tapping into your basic thoughts of food and shelter on the other side. Once they come through, they eventually are drawn into the fight, becoming soldiers of the ongoing Thrones War (751 - present).

The Indraph Rift affects the climate and land around it. Fimbulwinter's cold energy bleeds across the rift, greatly lowering the temperatures, creating heavy snowfalls and unnaturally expanding glaciers, and turning the sea to ice for a hundred miles along the coasts.

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