LocationSea of Mourning

Gathrot is the largest island of Necrocrypt. The island has two active volcanoes, the Gruggvein and the Groarnfer. Fortunately for the undead that wander the island, lava and eruptions generally go northward. The smoke of these peaks is otherwise, pushed by the winds which are notoriously unpredictable in this part of the Sea of Mourning. The smoke can be thick, blanketing an area like a deep fog, a serious navigational hazard for those plying crystal blue waters with a seabed scattered with bones and the wreckage of hundreds of ships.

The Shiphis Helas drifted the Void for centuries, the journey ending with the breaking of Bal-Kriav's clouds. The ship's hibernation chambers cooled, releasing me and my crew. No choice in where it came down, we ended up on a jungle isle, a poor spot to build a civilization.

From the bowels of the Dawn forged structure, we Durkoth were followed by the Hydrocur legions, and a proud Sussgurd workforce.

- Molakh-BĂșle, excerpt from his journal - "The New World"

In 1017, twenty-two years into the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203), the Melephaeusans abandoned their Gulimbor homeland, re-settling on Gathrot. Tragically, they did not last long here, brought down by one of their own, a long time civil servant named Caliguworm.

Units of undead ships frequently hide in the smoke clouds and the Mists of Gathrot. These mists perpetually surround the island. Sometimes they are thin and wispy posing little problems in navigation or reaching the shores, while other times they are dense for days on end. The dense clouds of fogs are often used by the Black Tide when they seek cover for a major naval build-up leading to an invasion.

Gahtrot and its smaller neighbors were first settled in the Horgon Era. This effort was led by Molakh-BĂșle and his Durkoth followers.