The Black Banner

Jairall's Diaries claim that Black Banner was initially a rather weak item. It was used to inspire allies, strike fear in enemies, and bolster the undead and at the time lacked many of its profane abilities. It is theorized that it was blessed with this power and possibly others after it had been used many times in the name of Thasmudyan. It was usually carried by Jairall, and then planted in the ground when combat ensued.

CategoryArtifacts, Sharp Sticks
LocationGodheads Revenge

The Black Banner is a battle flag forged and magicked by Thasmudyan. It was made at the Buldavile forge, using negative energy from the Night Vats. The rod of this item is made of bonebrack and inset with cabochon-cut black opals and lich tears. The head of Black Banner is a jagged, barbed glaive. Just below the head of the 10' long weapon is a an ever-flowing ebon banner with the heralds of Thasmudyan printed on it. These heralds include a hyena, a vulture and a worm. Surrounding these images are sigils of necromancy. The banner is 10' long and can spring to a height of 100' when planted in the ground vertically. The size of the banner expands proportionally with the height. When in an uncharged state, it is treated as a +1 profane glaive. It gains an additional plus in enchantment for each charge it holds up to +6. There is no limit to the number of charges it can hold.

This artifact was used by the adventuring group Black Banner and later served as a rallying point for the forces of the Black Tide of Thasmudyan.

Admiral Bloodtusk was the last hero to possess this item. In the Battle of Bloodtusk Bay, this undead admiral-king and his flagship Godheads Revenge were sent to the bottom. It is believed The Black Banner is still down there in this sunken unhallow hulk.

Black Banner gains charges by draining life energy of those struck by it. When it drains life energy, it gains a charge for each level taken. For every charge the weapon, holds the Fortitude DC increases by 1. In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), it is said that the weapon became so powerful that nothing could resist its deathly touch.

Lifeforce Feed when struck, the victim must make a Fortitude DC15 (plus current number of charges) or gain a negative energy level. For each life level energy drained, the weapon gains one charge. Those killed by having all their life levels taken are raised as the animate dead spell1/round
Tomb Marker when planted in the ground, all allies within 50' of the banner gain +1 initiativecontinuous
Thasmudyan's Overwatch +3 to morale and +3 on saves to all allies within 50' of the banner1 charge / hour
Death Camp provides 5 hp/hour regeneration when sleeping among corpses, all allies within 50' of the banner1 charge / day
Hardened Flesh as spell, undead gain +2 natural armor, all allies within 500' of the banner1 charge / day
Nimble Bones as spell, undead gain +4 initiative and gain movement increase of +10 ft./round, all allies within 500' of the banner2 charges / hour
Destructive Retribution as spell, undead deal negative energy when killed, all allies within 500' of the banner3 charges / hour
Consume Heretic any non-Thasmuduyan worshipper grasping the item must make a Fortitude DC 25 or die, whereupon they are raised as the animate dead spellcontinuous