Typenecromantic lore

Some of the best arcane necromancers are pale masters. On the other hand, some of the vilest divine necromancers are death priests.

Death priests were introduced in the AD&D 2nd Edition Complete Book of Necromancers. This class did not make it into 3rd Edition. To maintain the class and realm lore, the death priest is the same as the pale master. The only difference is that the pale master is an arcane spell caster, whereas the death priest is a divine spell caster.

Thasmudyan grants 10th level pale masters and death priests the ability to create one slaughter wight per year. This a taxing ritual that drains 1-6 constitution points.

Necromancers and death priests rely on a number of spells and feats to augment the strength of the undead they create. Many priests of Thasmudyan use some of the feats and spells listed below. Those with the aptitude, and serving the Black Tide of Thasmudyan, are required to take at least two Undead Bolstering Feats and three or more Undead Bolstering Spells.

Twenty feet at the shoulders and tipping the scales at 35,000 lbs, a hulking body of bones with grisly heads that sometimes scream out in anguish, the charnel hound is a proclamation of necromantic might.

- excerpt from Molakh-BĂșle's "Grimoire of Living Dead"

The top three influencer's of necromantic teaching are Maen Grirngrim, Molakh-BĂșle, and Thasmudyan.

Undead Bolstering Feats
FeatShort DescripitionReference
Corpsecrafterundead gain +4 strength, +2hp/dieLibris Mortis
Bolster Reistance+4 turn resistanceLibris Mortis
Dead Chillundead deal 1-6hp of cold damageLibris Mortis
Destructive Retributionundead deal negative energy when killedLibris Mortis
Hardened Fleshundead gain +2 natural armorLibris Mortis, pg. 27
Nimble Bonesundead gain +4 initiative and gain movement increase of +10 ft./roundLibris Mortis, pg. 29
Profane Vigorpriest can spend a rebuke attempt to heal one undead for 2hp/priest levelLibris Mortis, pg. 29
Undead Bolstering Spells
SpellShort DescripitionReference
Desecratearea spell, undead gain +1hp/die, +1 attack, damage and saves, -3 profane penalty to turning, effects boosted in unholy areasPlayers Handbook, pg. 192
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