Last Chapter

CategoryArtifacts, Tomes
LocationDark Rite Library

The Last Chapter is a bone covered tome with pages of ghoul hide. The seam is crafted from bonebrack. While still a mortal, Thasmudyan penned this tome from the secrets hidden in the many ruins of Necrocrypt. Thasmudyan has this book out on loan to the Dark Rite Library. Both Caliguworm and Katrana Dumu-loc have used the Last Chapter.

One of the more dastardly pieces of information in the Last Chapter, is the secret to creating a Taln'nazân Monarch. In 1465, a powerful necromancer named Katrana used the necromantic rites in this book to transform Jairall Bloodusk into a Taln'nazân Wight-King.

This book has restricted access. It requires special permission from one of the Dead Council to read it.