RegionHells Womb
LocationParadomea City

Dargirth cuts through Paradomea City. To contain the flooding and fearsome currents of this river, the city engineers constructed the Bala-Rog Causeway. The causeway is wide and has numerous channels that enter the city. It also provides an inner harbor for river and sea vessels. The yellow and green striated marble walls of the causeway are intricately carved in the likeness of sea creatures, buccaneers, sea vessels and water elementals. In time of great flooding, walls of force are erected along areas of known flood points.

Five huge water elementals keep the channels free of trash and debris created by the massive population of the city. These creatures also patrol the water for any hostiles.

Numerous bridges span Bala-Rog Causeway. Those that span the main thorough-way to the Sea of Mourning are elevated high above the sails of ships. These bridges are mounted on massive guard towers.