Vorshym, graveyard of ships
LocationSea of Mourning

Vorshym is a bay east of Paradomea City. It is fed by the Dargirth and other smaller rivulets. South of the bay is the Pearl Sea. Vorshym is the dumping ground for old and derelict ships from the great harbors of Paradomea City and anyone else looking for an area to dispose of ships or just about anything else. Some ships are salvaged or even in a moth-balled state until needed for the next war. These moth-balled ships are under the watch of special guards like air elementals and magical creatures. These ships are stored near where the main flow of the Dargirth merges with the bay.

Vorshym is often fog shrouded making it an eerie place to enter with all the cracking of ropes and creaking timbers from derelict hulks. Only expert pilots can move crafts in Vorshym due to the bay's many half-sunken hulks. Depending on the season, the place is a haven for pirates, brigands, harpies, undead and saltwater scrags.

At the end of the bay is a steep escarpment with trails cutting to the top. These trails merge with the Brashiin Road. These trails were not cut for travel or trade, but solely for banditry.