Sorrow Road

RegionHells Womb, Grashakh, Lands of Purity

The Sorrow Road begins at the eastern gates of Paradomea City. It then heads north to Bathor. One can go through the city or take a more circuitous route around the city and continue north into Gwaeldior. In this forest, the road forks to the north and northeast. The northeast road is called the Black Athroond. It is overgrown and sees only the passage of brigands and the bold. The north road continues through the woodlands of Gwaeldior where it meets the river Foronir. At the meeting of road and river is a small elven village called Súlamairë. From this village, a ferry can take travelers across to the elven city of Celebriän. The Sorrow Road continues north following the course of the Foronir then enters the Gathol Hills and northward, deeper into the Sorrow Pass. The elevation of the road quickly rises as it passes into the highlands of Grashakh. Beyond the Sorrow Pass, the road crosses the Foronir by way of the Mazandabad Bridge. The road splits at this bridge. The northern road is called the Sarmarg. The Sorrow Road continues west into the Laucentar Forest. Midway through these woods, the road starts heading into the Storsalds where it forks into a west road and southwest road. The west road is called Surturs Torch. The main axis of the Sorrow Road continues south out of the Launcentar forest then into the Khilag-Tarkin valley where it ends at Gadyan. West out of this holy bastion, the road is known as the Holy Passage.