Doom Squads

CategoryCrack Units
RegionHells Womb
HeadquartersParadomea City
Alignmentslawful neutral, lawful evil
Symbolblack cloud

Doom Squads are quasi-military units of Paradomea. When not at war, they serve as the backbone of the empire's police force. The typical unit is comprised of former Mutant slaves of Alluvium Deep or seasoned mutant miners out of Undercity. They undergo magical and psychic surgeries resulting in fearless, disciplined soldiers with super high pain thresholds - Doom Soldiers. These squads are supported by armored half flesh golems and an assortment of magical beasts. Sometimes, the mutants are given drugs like Maniac Conduit to heighten their awareness.

Each squad numbers 10-30 doom soldiers of 6th to 10th level. Nearly all of them wear full-length Stasis Robes and are outfitted in an array of other magical gear.

The only group that deals in Doom Squads is the Mutant Progress Bureau. This company has an exclusive contract with the Council of Nine, and likewise cannot sell them unless granted a waiver by the Council of Nine. One of the more well-known times this happened was when the Pillar of Horns, with Emperor of Ba'lith acting as its captain, visited Paradomea City. On this business trip, the emperor's adopted son Negral was allowed to purchase a Doom Solider with the designation Unit AT-26.