Haerrek is an area under the glacial band that spans the region Ice Cap. It is roughly 300' to 500' under the glacier. It has numerous passages and fauna and lifeforms accustomed to an icy environment. The fauna of this sub-glacial region is magical in nature and when eaten provides sustenance as good as wheat, even reducing the time required to sleep for arcane spell memorization by 20%. Both of these are product of the magical emanations coming off the marvel COA 411.

The worked passages and chambers that dot this area were built by Azwyr Amoruk, frost giants, and Thrallrir. These three groups of people have lived in Haerrek for as far back as the Dawn Era. The Thrallrir and the region's frost giants are descendants of those that served the primordials in the Creation War, whereas the Azwyr Amoruk came to live here in the Horgon Era. They are descendants of those that escaped Saer Erkjorg in its waning days.

Haerrek is between the surface region Ice Cap and the Underdark region Badmaer. It is technically an above ground area, yet largely light-less because of its depth under the ice.