TypeSubterranean Tier 1 (Gorejun)

Azurâg is the Underdark region beneath Malurn. Unlike its surface counterpart the name given to the subsurface region has remained the same since it was named in the Dawn Era by Danzar-Khâl.

Azurâg is a hot subsurface region dotted with pools and lakes of black liquid. The heat of the region comes from rivers of lava that enter from the surface via canals. These canals are a product of salamanders, fire giants and Fyrreid tasked with guarding the Underdark and the surface above. They guard against the release of icy foes that once served Cari'phis in the Creation War. The pools and lakes of black liquid are the remains of the black ice that once covered all of Malurn. When Cari'phis was captured, the ice melted forming water bodies on the surface and beneath. This liquid is called Cari'phis Spittle.

The salamanders, fire giants and the Fyrreid of the region are descendants of the Groi Heim army. In the Creation War, this army served under Surtur. When Surtur was convinced to sign the Felakgathar Contract, the Groi Heim were tasked with guarding Malurn and Azurâg against any future intrigues by the primordials.