Dhark Bolg

TypeSubterranean Tier 1 (Karterus)
AliasDark Belly

Dhark Bolg is Dwarven for "Dark Belly". It is the name for the Underdark region beneath Ma'Ohari. One of the more remarkable features of this region is the Earth Seam. This river of elemental rock flows through the length of the region before bending south into the bizarre magic tainted underbelly of Gulimbor.

The eastern tracts of Dhark Bolg are hot and humid. This area holds numerous lava tubes and volcanic lakes. Many of these places are linked together, forming what is known as Sephu'phis.

The settlements of this Underdark region are sometimes referred to as the Cities of the Elements. This is attributed to most of them being on either the Earth Seam or on a lava tributary of Surturs Artery.

Region Maps
Cities of the Elements
City 3FoundedDepth
Felak311 LE-2950'
Urbal Nabad380 LE-2900'
Fallen Empires
Well Known Access Points