Unaraggumak - Khelan
TypeSubterranean Tier 1 (Brucrumus)

Unaraggumak is the Underdark region sited beneath the Clans. One of the most interesting features of this region is Damazandal. Early in the First Epoch, this long Underdark river was used as an escape to Unaraggumak by Malad-Mîn refugees. They settled first in the Underdark and later pushed to the surface region Clans.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, an even older group of dwarves warred with the Lith-Crillion. Suffering near domination, they conspired with dark powers for aid. This aid would end up turning them into a new race of dwarves called the Mîmêk. These dark dwarves abandoned their holds in the Clans, going down into the black reaches of Unaraggumak. Tens of thousands of these dark dwarves are in this Underdark region with most concentrated in the Andigimok empire.

The nations of the surface region Clans hold a few areas in Unaraggumak. In the First Epoch, Fargimdal established a hold in this region so as to aid their beleaguered ally in the First Kizan War.

The settlements of Unaraggumak are generally called the Rift Cities of Unaraggumak. This comes from the region holding two rifts, the Toadoolp Twist in the north and the Anaz Rift in the southeast.

Rift Cities of Unaraggumak
City 5FoundedDepth
Natar8544 DE600' underwater
Munarkûn175 LE1700'
Dilkuglapgon333 LE2500'
Dushinbal355 LE1200'
Fallen Empires
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