Dulpathâra is a region of the continent Denerra. The southeastern coasts of Dulpathâra are frequently beset with towering walls of water. These tidal waves are by no means normal, instead a product of magical pulses emanating from the Cube of Arcane. Luckily for those on the other side of the Embrasures (the coastal mountains encircling Denerra) the tidal forces are broken by the mountains. This produces a continual booming along the coasts, and echoing out into two strange seas.

The eastern coasts of Denerra look into the cold sea Nautrek and west and south is the Forbidden Sea. The Forbidden Sea feels the shock waves and reverberations of the tidal waves breaking on Dulpathâra. As a result, this sea is very rough for hundreds of miles east of the Cube of Arcane. As a result of the dangerous nature of these seas, and not until the advent of skyships , did this part of the realm see exploration. The region is very old though, with a history that started during the Dawn Era.

Scattered across this region are massive edifices, enormous mountain doors sealing passages, towering monoliths, and other anomalies. In the Creation War, the angels and the gods built these places to hold primordials and some of their more troublesome minions. Some of these creatures possessed such great regenerative powers, like the primordial Tydal, that is was easier to imprison them rather than destroy them. These prisons of Dulpathâra are angel and god-built places laden with powerful traps, magical forces, creatures, mazes, and other hazards. Time and weather has worn down some of these places leading to cracks in their foundations or holes under doors and to other entrances into places obviously built to keep something in. The small entrances into these prisons are too little to allow the terrors within them to escape, but they have allowed some to enter them and free a primordial or other terror. One such creature unleashed was Silfergath. This primordial killed those that sought to free him and ended up imprisoning himself when he entered Nautrek.

Dulpathâra, and other regions of Denerra are watched by those stationed in the Sentinels of Denerra. The most well-known of these is Gortuns Rock. This place is a common first stop for those making the journey into the lands of the Prison Continent.