Black Athroond

RegionsHells Womb, Drarthiel

The Black Athroond road is a surface to Underdark road cut by the Black Tide of Thasmudyan, or so they claim. The Underdark portion of it was actually made in the Demon Spawn War by minions of the demon prince Athroond - all the Black Tide did was dig down to it from Moregar and then back out elsewhere. The Underdark passage came into use again in the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504). This excavation and passing through the Underdark rather than moving across land was because the Celebriäns refused the Black Tide's request for "peaceful" passage through Gwaeldior. The leaders of the Black Tide did not want to waste troops fighting the elves and possibly drawing the ire of Paradomea or the Council of Bile so they put their army to work on one of the boldest projects ever conceived, dig under and past the forest.

Black Athroond begins at a split from the Sorrow Road. It goes northeast through Gwaeldior until it reaches a great sink-hole called Moregar. After descending into Moregar, the road passes into Drarthiel. In the lightless depths of this region, the road goes north, passing through Kuzr√Ľnn'n. During the Black Tide War, this ruin was used to produce armor and weapons for the Black Tide. The road then comes back to the surface through a labyrinth beneath Targind-Nal. Outside the Targind-Nal ruins, the now unused road is barely visible. It is gone in some places but enough is still around showing its course northwest where it links back up with the Sorrow Road.

Notable Areas