Silt Fist Legion

CategoryCrack Units
AliasKlo Lon Ronax
RegionAerie of Dragons, others
HeadquartersBruh Gevul
Symbolsand tornado
Disbanded17 Saunas 9269 GE

The Dezellâm were brought to Bal-Kriav in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). For a time, they served as workers for a primordial Arch-Creationist named Storralk. The last task he sent them on was one to harvest crystals from the numerous xorn just beneath the Sands of Hell. While undertaking this task, they were set upon by primordial sand worms. These creatures of entropy, this time of playful mind, helped the harvesters escape into the desert.

My lord took a great risk sending the Dezellâm to Stafknir Hrerbjof. These sand giants with their uncanny ability to become almost invisible in sand storms and blend into any desert landscape gave them just the advantages they would need to run for freedom. When Hon'palos unleashed his worms, the harvesters fled in all directions and kept on running and hiding. The sand storms and their camouflage made it impossible to round up more than a few dozen.

- Orkvild, scribe of Storralk, "Worms of Hon'palos"

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), the Dezellâm suffered terribly from demon raids intent on enslaving them. When they were caught, they were often taken to one of Orcus's slave lords and put to work on some great project. One of the places they helped build was Ghak. In the First Dragon Wake (9251 GE - 9269 GE), a war within the Demon Spawn War, the forces of Bahamut pushed into the Sands of Hell. The free Dezellâm of this desert eagerly joined his army, thereby becoming the Klo Lon Ronak, or Silt Fist Legion. Because of their pacifist nature, they were employed in building fortifications and other military projects to support the angelic advance into the Aerie of Dragons. One of the great holds they built for the armies of Bahamut is Bruh Gevul. When the First Dragon Wake ended, the Silt Fist Legion disbanded and after the building of Bruh Gevul they returned to their homes in the Sands of Hell.

After the Demon Spawn War, they disbanded, founding their first peace time settlement with Imgongruk.

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