Dragon Wake

First Dragon Wake9251 GE - 9269 GE
Second Dragon Wake1361 LE - 1366 LE
Third Dragon Wake1575 HE - 1576 HE

A Dragon Wake is an awakening of dragons across a vast area, sometimes spanning multiple continents. The First Dragon Wake (9251 GE - 9269 GE) was started by Bahamut.

The Dragon Wake Ritual drives dragons into a frenzy. The individual interests of the dragons, their vanity and oft superiority complexes, are for a time suppressed, they enter a state of frenzy, eating, plundering, and destroying. Those with the proper might, and using very powerful ingredients, can control the dragons as an unstoppable army.

- Drog'paagol, 17th Dragon Headmaster of Vith Alok - "Dragon Frenzy"

As the main ingredient, Bahamut used the head of a demon prince he had personally slain. With the final words of casting, the dragons of Midrêth were alerted to a summons, those in deep sleep awoken, those under the yoke of another, freed from magical control.

Upon leaving their lairs, they knew why they were awakened and it was up to them to answer the summons. Most of the good dragons answered the summons of Bahamut, those of bad intent went to the banner of Tiamat. A few of the neutral dragons committed to the effort, but most saw the Demon Spawn War a greater cause, joining the Covenant.

- Gulân Shind, 2nd Rank Third Line of the Third Hammer of Khage - "Dragon Rampage"

Successive Dragon Wakes have been done by the same ritual as the one done by Bahamut. The Dragon Wakes that have come after the First, have been considerably weaker than when Bahamut did the ritual. Dragon lore masters say that this is only natural, given that the ritual uses dragon magic, and when done by a dragon as mighty as Bahamut, it is at peak power, calling dragons across an entire world to rise up for some cause.