Viiz Bo Sand Flow

PortDistance toPort
Tillasso215 miles Ragongrak
Ragongrak65 miles Eternal Town
Eternal Town25 miles Norgtrum
Norgtrum230 miles Gothmak
Gothmak120 milesSuf Sungaar
Suf Sungaar150 milesNamug Passage
Namug Passage170 milesThithank
North to South Ports of Call
RegionMiradelg√Ľn, Grashakh, Aerie of Dragons
AliasSand Flow
MapViiz Bo River

In the God Era, the river was named by Bahamut for its passage through the Sands of Hell. In lands further north of the Aerie of Dragons it holds other names but these are locally named by peoples ignorant of its historical naming. In the Hoof Front, the then planetar Dispater built a great line of fortifications along the southern end of the river. These fortifications start at the top of Hiznaar Goz and end at Thadir. They are mostly ruins today, but back then they served as a bulwark against the demon armies of Orcus and kept portions of the eastern interior from being inundated by spring flooding.

Viiz Bo begins in the deep primeval forests of the Inghild Mountains. Southeast of Ragongrak, the river widens to nearly a mile. Further south, the river spills over Diiv Prok in dozens of waterfalls. In this area is the Toomrur Hegemony bastion Gothmak. This place operates massive cranes to move river-bound shipping past the waterfalls. South of Gothmak, the Viiz Bo continues through the Sands of Hell and into the Aerie of Dragons. The river empties into Veysed Vaal.

Notable Areas