Energy Types

Typeelemental lore

Most everything is comprised of one or more energies. One energy is usually in concentration, like the life energy of living creatures, the negative energy of the undead, or the fire energy of fiery elementals. Spells are composed of various types of energy like the arcane energy of a mage's Fireball which has an Energy Composition of arcane, fire, and air; the latter to give the spell flight. Areas, worlds, and even entire systems can be a concentration for certain energy types. These areas are Focuses, places where the attuned energy is more potent than normal.

Energy Types
TypeShort Description
Abyssalenergy type radiating from the Abyss, combining Chaos and Evil energy types
Airelement energy of air
Arcaneenergy radiating from the Web of Magic, primarily used in mage spells, this energy uses the body as the vessel to contain it, unlike psychic energy which goes through the mind
Dark Naturea combination of nature energy and evil energy
Divineenergy of the gods, powering priest spells
Earthelement energy of earth
Entropicenergy radiating from Chaos
Fireelement energy of fire
Fire, Heavenlymix of negative entropy and fire energy
Fire, Primordialmix of entropic energy and fire energy
Hellfiremix of negative entropy, fire energy, and evil energy
Holyenergy with the Good descriptor
Lifeenergy of living things
Modulatingthis type of energy attack is gained by any becoming a Higher Power. At each stage of divine power, from cult to greater, it adds +5 hit points of damage for any attack they do, such that a greater god would deal +25 modulating energy damage for every attack. For someone like Ares, who can attack five times in a melee round, this additional damage is enough to kill most creatures in one round. The energy type for modulating energy is whatever the victim is most susceptible to
Natureenergy of plants, fey, druidic spells
NecroticSoul and Evil energy as one, primarily used in necromancy
NegativeChaos and Necrotic energy as one, used in undead creation, undead exposed to negative energy are healed
Negative Entropyenergy of Law, opposite of entropic energy
Nullanti-thesis to other energy types
PositiveNegative Entropy and Life energy as one, even living creatures can be damaged from being overdosed, undead are doubly susceptible
Psychicenergy of the mind, drawn from the Web of Magic through psionics
ShadowNegative and Necrotic energy as one
Soulthe energy of a being's soul
Sonicenergy of sound
Unholyenergy with the Evil descriptor, also called profane energy
Waterelement energy of water