Armor Bonus

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Armor bonus is the natural protection afforded by armors. It does not stack. The highest protection is used to determine armor class. Certain metals provide an additional bonus to the normal armor bonus afforded by the armor. A blutium suit of full plate provides an additional +4 natural enchantment bonus. Although it says enchantment, it just means that the bonus is added to the total armor bonus and cannot stack with other natural enchantment bonuses. There are also divine armor class bonuses that come from making an item at a Godforge. Profane bonus is another type of bonus that comes from evil forges or the natural qualities of some creatures. Divine and profane bonuses are another way of getting an increase in armor class.

When determining cost, multipliers are applied from least to highest, thus a suit of Godforge Blutium Full Plate would apply the x5 price modifier to the base armor (1,500 gp) and then the x20 price multiplier for being Godforged. The calculation (1,500 x 5) x20 = 150,000 gp.

This list shows some of the possible combinations that can be purchased.



Battle Plate+92,500 gp
Godforge High Alloy Blutium Battle Plate+19500,000 gp
Breastplate+5200 gp
Black Silver Breastplate+61,700 gp
Half-Plate+7600 gp
Krephus Plate Half-Plate+92,800 gp
Blutium Half-Plate+113,100 gp
Full Plate+81,500 gp
High Alloy Blutium Full Plate+1315,000 gp
Queen Carapace Armor+73,000 gp
Muneyd'vith Hide+52,700 gp
Widowmaker Silk Fine Robe+11,020 gp
Feyweave Widowmaker Silk Fine Robe+23,020 gp
Feyweave Svatir Robe+34,000 gp
+2 Svatir Robe+45,000 gp
+2 Bracers of Armor (see DMG)+24,000 gp
Build: Two-Hander Grafted Configuration - AC: 34
Bonus TypeFrom
+9 natural bonusBattle Plate
+3 natural enchantment bonusBlutium Battle Plate
+5 enchantment bonus+5 Blutium Battle Plate
+1 deflection bonusdexterity bonus capped at +1 for armor type
+4 natural ACbeholder graft Plated Skin
+2 divine bonusreceived the Boon of the War Spirit Shrine
Build: Buckler Scout Grafted Configuration - AC: 33
Bonus TypeFrom
+7 natural bonusQueen Carapace Armor
+4 enchantment bonus+4 Queen Carapace Armor
+4 deflection bonushigh Dexterity (18-19)
+3 natural ACyuan-ti graft Scaly Skin
+1 natural bonus buckler
+4 enchantment bonus +4 buckler
Build: Meat Shield Hero Configuration - AC: 35
Bonus TypeFrom
+9 natural bonusBattle Plate
+5 natural enchantment bonusHigh Alloy Blutium Battle Plate
+5 divine bonusGodforge
+5 enchantment bonus+5 Godforge High Alloy Blutium Battle Plate
+1 deflection bonusdexterity bonus capped at +1 for armor type
+2 natural bonuslarge Demiurgic Iron shield
+3 natural enchantment bonus Demiurgic Iron
+5 enchantment bonus+5 Demiurgic Iron shield
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