Armor of the Dragon Lords

CategoryArtifacts, Armor
Typeartifact, +6 elderscale armor
ForgeDragons Anchor
SmithDol Karaak ("Iron Skin")
LocationVith Ruus

The Armor of the Dragon Lords is crafted from the scales of a great wyrm red dragon and the scales of a great wyrm white dragon. The frontal portion of the breastplate is made from the scales of a legendary remorhaz named Sigodrark. The helm of the armor is shaped like the head of a dragon with wings flaring out from it. The armor is so incredibly supple and light that it feels like a natural extension of the wearer. The armor was crafted for the Dragon Lords of the Zeymah'kein. It was passed down through the Dragon Lords for four hundred years. With each new wearer, the armor got a blessing, more powers channeled to it by the dragon god Bahamut.

The Armor of the Dragon Lords was last worn by the Dragon Lord Dinok'suf. When she fell at the Battle of Vith Ruus, she made a noble sacrifice, willingly letting her psyche merge with her armor, making it sentient.

It is said this armor lies somewhere in the crags of Vith Ruus.

Alignmentlawful neutral
Youngling Claws claws on the gauntlets may be used to attack causing 1-6hps of damage eachcontinuous
Wyrm Grace no speed penalty for wearing the armorcontinuous
Remorhaz Heat the front portions of the armor are formed of remorhaz plates. Once per day they can glow cherry red for 1 round - this can be maintained for longer periods but the wearer must roll a constitution check on a 30 sided die each melee round after the first with a cumulative -2 to the roll or take 10-100hps of damage and melting any item contacting the creatures body unless it is magical; save vs. magical fire. Any creature touching the armor or bear-hugged by the wearer takes 10-100hps of heat damage. Normal items touching the armor are destroyed while magical items on the enemy are allowed a Reflex DC25 or be destroyed1 time/day
Dragon Charm+8 divine bonus to Charismacontinuous
Ancient Wisdom+5 divine bonus to Wisdomcontinuous
Dragon Pawnwearer will be fascinated by dragons and will praise them and worship the creatures. Any attempts to attack true dragons is at a -4 penalty for saves and attackscontinuous