Minâth Protector

TypeKhazarkar cultural lore

Early in the First Epoch, Khazarkar explorers found preserved Auhtai eggs in the ruins of Tyn'calli. These were taken back to Akann'ndâb where alchemists incubated them. Several dozen survived at which point the special weapons division of the Athirbêni took care of them. The Auhtai were raised in the military and a breeding program was started to increase their numbers. The fast growth rate of the Auhtai allowed the Khazarkars to build up their military at a rate that far exceeded that of their enemies. This is often attributed to how the Khazarkars gained dominance over Gulimbor, rather than as they would claim - "their superiority over other races".

The more intelligent ones were taken by families of the Minâth-Nôrî where they took on a role as a Minâth Protector. They were brainwashed to support the government and be utterly loyal to those they were met to protect. This process included psychic surgery. One of the most well-known of these Minâth Protector is Crick. This Auhtai is the guardian of Lenassu Dras'ee.