Hive Army

CategoryCrack Units
Symbolcrossed antennas
Disbanded16 Bloom 1519

The Hive Army was created to flip the Khazarkar government, replacing the theocracy with the old ways of rule by the Minâth-Nôrî. The one behind this movement was Lenassu Dras'ee. While Dras'ee worked on bringing over families for the cause, her best general, an Auhtai named Crick, went out recruiting. Using the old thri-kreen law of challenge, Crick defeated the leaders of dozens of tribes. Each win gained a tribe as followers for no more than three years. Most of the army's soldiers came from the lands of Kalaran and the Sands of Hell.

In Dras'ee's War (1517 - 1519), the Hive Army defeated forces much larger than themselves on many occasions. They were quick to regroup and reposition when facing superior forces. An elusive force, the Hive Army dispersed only after their leaders were captured.

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