RegionLands of Purity
Class18th paramandyr
RaceHalf-Khazarkar (Death Knight)
TitleCommander of Atturgad
Born2 Lunar 1430
Born21 War March 1490
Died19 War March 1535

Lazarus was a tall, stocky Khazarkar with a long pony tail and who frequently wore exotic face painting. He was like most Khazarkar, arrogant, haughty, and seeking to rule the lesser races of the realms, that is, any non-Khazarkar.

He also went by the name of the Nameless Knight. Lazarus was born in the Lands of Purity. Child of a Sifberill, a nymph druid, and son of a legendary Khazarkar paramander, Sir Mai' Pverill, Protector of the Groves.

Both father and mother were nature loving and absolute neutral in alignment. They wanted to raise a son perfect in nature and true to the causes of neutrality - thus they did not give their only son a name; believing that a name of any kind would align him with some cause - be it good, evil, law or chaos. They and others of the forest referred to him as the Nameless Knight.

Striving for independence and seeking to blaze his own path through life without the direction of his parents, the Nameless Knight came to the insane conclusion that the balance can only be maintained through the destruction of all life.

Balance cannot be obtained through helping good and evil, law and chaos - for this only prolongs their struggles.

- Motto of a Paramandyr

The Nameless Knight determined that the way of the paramandyr could bring about balance through oblivion of all life. He begun following the way of the paramandyr at the age of 15, after speaking with a traveler. This traveler happened to be the Rogue Knight, former member of the Lances of Merioss. This knight who had forsaken his name taught the Nameless Knight the ways of the cavalier and would thereafter become his surrogate father. The Lands of Purity were left behind; his mother was left with a surprise in her fountain- a butchered pet deer poisoned with the juice of the black lotus flower. She raised the animal by reincarnation, only to find it die again by poison. No surprise was left for his father, the fear of this knight was too great to overcome by the Nameless Knight, but some day he would come to meet the "paramandyr balance" of the his son, and it would be oblivion.

Lazarus was a former member of Black Banner. He was a brave, if not foolhardy, knight. In combat, Lazarus was the first to charge and last to break in retreats. He died many times, and each time Katrana or Dax raised him from the darkness to fight again.

After the Siege of Gravestone Gates, he disappeared and was not heard from again for many years. Somewhere along the way, his principles changed, and he became an illrigger.

In the Year 1490, Lazarus, now old and battle scarred, was reported to be serving in the armies of the Orchish Empire. In exchange for good service and a need for expert leaders, the necromancers of ƚrwath turned him into a death knight.

In the Year 1535, Lazarus was commanding the forces at Atturgad. In the Siege of Atturgad, the Golden Elite and their goodly army attacked the place. In one of the rare moments of single combat between leaders, Galtrag killed Lazarus in true knightly fashion.