Cinnuru Mine

Built11 Artifice 871 HE

Along the eastern crater walls of Maphas-Kas is the Cinnuru Mine. A haunted place, it is prowled by wraiths, shadows, ghosts,and other incorporeal undead. The oldest, and most powerful of these undead are former Sussgurd resistance fighters. Remnants of the unrest that brought down the Abâthigûr Empire (862 HE - 1011 HE), they holed up in these mines. Desperate, some pledged their souls for a way to keep the Sussgurd people from becoming slaves once again. When the conflict was over, those that had pledged themselves to what became known as Cinnurus Darkness, died with their souls rising as evil spirits. Turning on anything living, they attacked friends and allies, but also driving the Hydrocur from the isles of Necrocrypt. For hundreds of years, Necrocrypt would remain unsettled, avoided because of ghostly wails heard far out into the surrounding sea.

We went to the black isles of Nithlurik, building Black Tide bases. Explorations of Mulun'nâth and its mines came at great loss. Cinnuru's minions were still there. Masters of necromancy and Maen Saetild, they are in my opinion, minions of Molakh-Búle, guarding his best secrets. Perhaps he is somewhere down below, secretly manipulating the Black Tide.

- Katrana, excerpt from a journal - "The Hidden Master"

Notable Resources