Cinnuru Mine


The Cinnuru Mine is sited along Maphas-Kas's crater walls. It is a haunted place with wraiths, shadows, ghosts,and other incorporeal types. The oldest, and most powerful of these undead are former Sussgurd resistance fighters. They came about in with the fall of the Abâthigûr Empire (c.f. 1011 HE). Hard pressed by those thats sought to be their new masters, the Hydrocur, the Sussgurd fled into the countryside. One legend says those that took refuge in the Cinnuru Mine became the fieriest fighters, but it came at a cost. They pledged their souls for a way to keep the Sussgurd people from becoming slaves once again. When the conflict was over, those that had pledged themselves to Cinnuru's Darkness died, their souls rising as evil spirits. They turned on the Sussgurd that they had once protected. The spirits became known as Cinnuru's Minions. They eventually drove all the Hydrocur and the Sussgurd out of Gathrot then out of the rest of Necropypt's isles. For hundreds of years, Necrocrypt would remain unsettled, avoided because of the area's ghostly wails, heard far out and into the surrounding sea.

Cinnuru's Minions are still around, now over two thousand years old, they are very powerful and uncooperative.

In the Second Epoch, we went to the storied lands of Nithlurik and built bases to serve as the home of the Black Tide. In explorations of Mulun'nâth and its nearby mines, we lost top necromancers and blackguards to very powerful ghosts. We came to curb much of their menace at great loss, but these crafty foes have ways of finding weaknesses in their prisons. They have a knowledge of necromantic arts, especially Maen Saetild that can only be Molakh-Búle's doing.

There is a presence in the Cinnuru Mine, it could be the Old Durkoth, advancing the necromantic arts and without our even knowing it, manipulating the Black Tide right under our own feet.

- Katrana, excerpt from a journal - "The Hidden Master"

The streams flowing out of the Cinnuru Mine are tainted with evil. The evil taint varies in its effects, but is known to become stronger when a Night Vat is begin used.

The Cinnuru Mine is the only source for the resource Magiandar.