Kavdas Urkuzir

TitleKhânê of Amîrrôn-Ulthan
Alignmentlawful neutral
Born9 Temporal 1788
Died14 Kindle 1832

Kavdas Urkuzir is a member of a very old family. The Urkuzirs are one of the houses that make-up the Minâth-Nôrî. Kavdas learned his psionic discipline at an ancient monastery called Varyon. He served as a professor for 18 years at Varyon, providing discourse on logic, time, morality, and other topics. Some of his students believe his concern with ebbing time led to him leaving Varyon and taking up a career in adventuring.

In 1805, he led a band of adventurers into Bathmulg. This was as much a scientific expedition as dungeon delving. In a vast cavern of Imgangreth he studied the Ink Sphere while the rest of the group went off exploring. They never came back, yet he stayed on in that area for another two years. He does not know why he did not suffer mutation or even age or have any want of sustenance, yet when he emerged from Bathmulg he was just as healthy as when he went in. What he learned from the study of the Ink Sphere was it was the core of Tiwa'erra and that the Womb of Entropy was built using the same plans. As a result of a presentation on this matter at the Paradomea Debates, he was awarded the Medallion of Mental Science.

After showing remarkable heroism and proving his masterly ways in psionics, he was admitted to the inner council of eight that oversee the affairs of Varyon. This secretive group is called the Amîrrôn-Ulthan.

Two years a member of Trauma Squad, in the last month of 1832, Kavdas perished in the deeps of Geledh, disintegrated by a Conclave lich.

Learn to overcome the crass demands of flesh and bones for they warp the matrix which we perceive the world, extend your awareness outward beyond the self of body ...

- Kavdas, excerpt from his graduation speech at Varyon