Garn and Deadspawn
Typebastard sword
ForgeThasmudyan's Cage
SmithPûrag Liram
EnchanterKatrana Dumu'loc

Deadspawn was enchanted by Katrana Dumu'loc. When it was finished it was given to one of the top generals of the Black Tide. This general was Garn, former party member of Black Banner and close adventuring friend of Katrana. When the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504) started, she sought to make sure that Garn would be loyal to her over other members of the First Dead Council. She made sure of this by putting a curse on the blade Deadspawn. This curse took effect when Garn fell in the Bone Arrow Campaign. His sword Deadspawn then raised him as an lich and the curse activated making him 100% obedient to the commands of Katrana. When Squad X7E slew Garn at Ebonstar they took his fell blade, yet fearing its baleful emanations, sold it for a pittance, getting 75,000 gold pieces and much thanks from the Relics Department of Outpost Prime.

Deadspawn still carries the curse laid upon it by Katrana. If the wielder dies with blade in hand, they rise as a lich and become an obedient ally of Katrana. Since it is unlikely that Katrana would show herself on Brucrumus, unless backed by a army, new owners of the blade have little worry of becoming her minion.

The blade of the weapon is made of bonebrack with a black silver hilt encrusted with three 5,000 gold piece Lich Tears. One gem is in the pommel and the other two are in Deadspawn's quillons. The tang is inset with a ring of bloodstones and the hilt is wrapped in the hide of a shator demodand.

Deadspawn is a +5 over-sized ghost strike strength sapping bastard sword. Even though it is an over-sized weapon, the wielder suffers no hindrances.

Alignmentchaotic evil
CommunicationSpeech, Read Magic
LanguagesAbyssal, Nidurrâb, Tragaran
Personalitycold, unfeeling, yearns to create undead
Awaken Undead as the spell of the same name1/day
Bolstered Walkers as Animate Dead spell (19th level), these undead are bolstered from the sword's feats Dead Chill and Hardened Flesh1/day
Death's Chosen wielder has all the boons of being a 3rd level Death's Chosen when in the presence of Katranacontinuous
Ghost Strike as ghost strikecontinuous
Ghost Touch Armor as the spell of the same name5/day
Grave Dirt Golem summon a Grave Dirt Golem that serves until killed. The golem is 12HD or equal in hit dice to the wielder's highest level. The wielder can only have 1 grave dirt golem present at a time. It can be dismissed at will, even if under control of another.1/month
Over-Sized treated as one weapon size category higher for damagecontinuous
Strength Sapping as strength sapping but with Fortitude DC20 or suffer exhaustioncontinuous