Bone Walker of Desolation

TypeAyaraigas Bone Walker
EnchanterBenevolence, Katrana

The Bone Walker of Desolation is a modified Ayaraigas Bone Walker. It was magically enhanced by the lich Katrana. She imbued it with her dark arts, turning it into a huge necrotic war machine. Atop the device is a sickly black throne. This throne has shapes of contorted and twisted faces on its surface. These constantly move about in pain and anguish. The platform holding the throne has standing room for one man-sized creature on each side of the throne. Beneath the device's body and between its eight legs is a funnel-like tube with many rows of saw-teeth. These are used by driver to grind-up victims and in turn fuel the necrotic powers of the Bone Walker. Victims consumed by the device are chewed up and dissolved of fluid and flesh, leaving a wake of bones behind it.

Chariotspeed 40 ft. land, 30 ft. climbcontinuous
Walk On Wallsspider climbcontinuous
Huge Golemequal to 20 HD stone golem for everything except movementcontinuous
Bottom FeederEach life level of the corpse eaten results in two power points. These power points can be used to power the device's necrotic powers.continuous
Necrotic Shieldraise an anti-magic shell covering the device and its occupants5 power points
Necrotic Aweboost Charisma by 2 points to evil aligned onlookers - this is a divine bonus, maximum point boost +8, lasts 1 hour2 power points
Necrotic Fearas fear spell3 power points
Necrotic Bolta bolt of negative energy (as the spell lighting bolt), causing 10-80 hit points of damage4 power points
Necrotic Dominationas spell2 power points
Necrotic Guidanceuse a Necrotic power of the device while undertaking another action5 power points
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