Night Vat

CategoryMiscellaneous, Rifts
Typedevice, intra-system rift

The Night Vats are six 50' diameter holes scattered about the Mulun'nâth ruin. They found their way to Bal-Kriav with the arrival of the Spire of Molakh-Búle. The leader of this voidship, Molakh-Búle, used them as a source of power for his necromantic research.

A Night Vat is filled with a turbulent cloud of inky blackness. These clouds are conduits to the Death Ball at the heart of the moon Deaths Kindle. Mulun'nâth's vats have been used to summon powerful undead from this moon. Some of the foulest types to emerge from these necrotic devices are nightshades. In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), these vats of negative energy were used to revive the Pitch Bone Legion.

The Night Vats have a number of forge areas around them. These are used to make undead monstrosities and to infuse magic items with negative energy. The most powerful of these forge areas is Buldavile. This particular forge was empowered by Thasmudyan before he became a God. At this forge he created The Black Banner and several other powerful relics that would become vessels of power used to spread his influence across the lands.

Notable Areas