Sylvan Kingdoms

CategoryGeographic Area
RegionLands of Purity

Sylvan Kingdoms is a geographical area south of Galathien. The western border of this area is Iraktharbhun, and the eastern border is Urkthal. The vast and mostly wild forests and mountains of the Sylvan Kingdoms holds the nations and cities of Galadriël, Maharâg, Guthnimor, As'lumix and Voruner.

The peace and harmony of the Sylvan Kingdoms were disrupted in 1483 when Voruner was struck by a powerful energy weapon used by the Har'kish. The Black Tide War (1465 - 1504) then brought destruction to the people and cities of the area. During the time of Black Tide's control of the Lands of Purity, the Sylvan Kingdoms was hit by a number of catastrophic events; all brought upon the land by Katrana. Volcanic and geothermal eruptions caused by the Elder Orb of Embers destroyed a large swathe of forest. Hordes of undead from the Mauhúrz-Dúrak and Mîmêk mercenaries laid waste to elven and gnomish settlements.

In the Year 1506, Katrana's attempt to summon abyssal allies, resulted in disaster. Her gate spell created an inter-system rift between the world Bal-Kriav and the abyssal world Inguvile. On Bal-Kriav's side, the rift opened inside Nellaegaer, swallowing the entire body of water into what became known as the Abyssal Funnel.

Many centuries have passed since the depredations of the Black Tide, druidic magic and time have restored much of the land to its former splendor. The greatest restoration happened in 1533, with the Golden Elite using an artifact called the Ankh of Phalgas.